Sea Kayaking

This trip can be mind blowing in the right sea conditions. The outer coast of Pohatu Marine Reserve is spectacular with towering sea cliffs sculpted through the ages by the sea into rock stacks, reefs, and deep sea caves. Flea Bay Island and the impressive island arch make an added exciting attraction in settled sea conditions.

Pohatu Marine Reserve also has divers wildlife with many marine species such as Penguins, several seal colonies and is often visited by Hectors Dolphins and a great range of sea bird species.

Kayaking is open when at least the sheltered bay can be kayaked.

Experience is not necessary, trips are only run in settled safe conditions and fully guided by experienced guides.
We give your safety top priority and take it seriously.


There are three Sea-Kayaking options.

Option one: Departing at 12.00pm

Option one includes pick-up at Akaroa with a spectacular Scenic 4WD safari to Pohatu with photo stop opportunities and guided sea-kayaking of Pohatu Marine Reserve.

Please note:  If the weather is unsuitable on the day a refund is offered or an opportunity to come on the Full Scenic Nature Safari to explore the same beautiful area.

$90 per adult.
Child under 15 years $65

Group or Family for Sea Kayaking safari package:
Group or family concession 4 persons or more $80 each
Each child under 15 years $65

Option two: Early bird kayaking

This option is for the early riser with tour departing from our booking office at 8am and returning just before 12pm. 
This option is a slightly faster paced tour and does not include the photo stops along the way and is open from the 1st of October to the 30th of April. Please note that it has a limit of 4 early birds to be able to join with a group of kayakers already in the bay to be in the water by 9am. This option must leave our booking office at 8am, note; cruise ship passengers will not be able to make this early departure time.

$75 per adult.
Child under 15 years $65.
Option three: Bring yourself
Please note:  If the weather is unsuitable on the day a refund is offered or an opportunity to come on our Scenic Nature Tour to explore the same beautiful area.
The road to Pohatu is a steep and narrow shingle road and recommended for 4WD vehicles only. ph 03.304.8542  or 021.246.9556 in the morning you wish to come to assure weather and sea conditions are suitable.

$55 per person.

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Things to bring: 
Bring a change of clothing as sometimes clothing can get quite damp despite the use of our quality provided spray jackets and decks. Bring some food and a drink.

If you have young children:
This activity may not be suitable for young children. Sea-kayaking is a physical activity at times in open ocean so please be sensible about your children’s safety and your own competence to take your child in a double sea-kayak.
If you have a child under 11 years old and would like to book on, please get in touch.
Following our conversation, if you do decide to book, please bare in mind that the guides on the day will be sole judges if this activity is suitable for your children, depending on weather and sea conditions. If the guides deem this unsuitable a 50% refund will be offered or the option of joining our Full Scenic Nature Safari. 

Risk disclosure:
Sea kayaking at Pohatu/Flea bay has risks and can be dangerous. The outercoast of Akaroa harbor is characterised by: remoteness, rapidly changing and sometimes extreme weather and water conditions, cold water and limited kayak landing sites. 
Detailed risk management and strict safety procedures are observed, however, there still remains an element of risk. Pohatu penguins/plunge NZ Ltd cannot absolutely guarantee participants’ safety. Pohatu penguins/plunge NZ Ltd accepts its legal responsibilities but cannot be held responsible for personal injury or for loss, theft or damage of/to your equipment outside legal responsibilities.
Clients must listen carefully to and follow guides’ instructions and adhere to safety requirements. 

Cancellation policy:
No refunds within 24 hours of departure unless the Operator cancels the activity due to waterway, road or weather conditions (a full refund would be then given).
If a kayaking trip has to be cancelled because of an unexpected wind change or tsunami warning on arrival at Pohatu after the scenic 4WD van safari has been undertaken three options would be offered. An immediate return with a 50% refund and no further wildlife guiding can be expected to see penguins or other wildlife. Our Full Scenic Nature Safari (same price, same length of time as the sea-kayaking safari or our 2 hour Nature tour safari at $65.00 per person can be undertaken to see penguins and other wildlife.

A $20 service charge applies to all other cancellation refunds.



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