Like every year on the celebration day of Queen Elizabeth II birthday's certain citizens have been selected and awarded honours for their dedication in their field.
A big congratulations and thank you to all of them for their dedication and strength of making New Zealand a better place.

This year we are so proud and grateful for Shireen and Francis Helps who have been selected and awarded the Members of the New Zealand Order of Merit.
This is in recognition of their 30+ years of conservation work for the White-Flippered penguins on Banks Peninsula.

They feel very lucky and very touched to have been awarded this merit.

Funny enough Shireen said: "I couldn't quite believe it at first when we received the emails. I thought it was a scam and almost pushed the delete button. Took a while to convince myself it was for real."
Lucky she didn't ^-^

From land predator control to caring for young or injured penguins, Shireen and Francis have spent many days out and about, even sometimes ending up with bruises on their arms by unappreciative birds in care.
As the next generation takes over and carry on their work, their dedication is part of our inspiration.
Penguin chick in rehabilitation being checked

Setting a predator trap with fresh meat