Cancellation policy

Refund policy:

No refunds within 24 hours of departure. Exceptions are made if operator cancels the activity due to waterway, road or weather conditions (a full refund would be then given).

Sea Kayaking
If a kayaking trip has to be cancelled before leaving Akaroa due to strong winds or warnings, several options would be offered:

  • Option 1: No further tours. Full Refund.
  • Option 2: Join a 4-hour Full Scenic Nature Tour (same pricing and departure time as afternoon kayaking).
  • Option 3: Join a 2-hour Nature Tour ($65/adult, $35/child – refunded difference, depart at 1:30pm).

What if the weather is unpredictable and or variable?
At Pohatu Penguins we try our best to predict the weather to ensure an enjoyable and safe tour. Sometimes, we won’t know if kayaking is suitable until we reach the bay or the wind has unexpectedly changed. If this is the case there are several options for our kayakers:

  • Option 1: An immediate return with a 50% refund and no further wildlife guiding can be expected to see penguins or other wildlife.
  • Option 2: Join a 4-hour Full Scenic Nature Tour (same pricing and length of time).
  • Option 3: Join a 2-hour Nature Tour ($65/adult, $35/child – refunded difference).
Rainy day policy
  • When living in an island nation like New Zealand, the weather us hard to predict and can quickly change; sunny one minute then pouring with rain the next and this even in the middle of summer.
  • Offering outdoor activities, we may sometimes get rained on. We do not cancel our tours due to rainy days; it is just part of experiencing this wild country.
  • In saying that, all of our best wildlife viewing is usually when it's raining, especially on our Evening penguin tours.
  • Just remember to always bring a rain coat to New Zealand, just in case. We all hope for a beautiful sunny day but rain or shine our guides will give you an authentic New Zealand experience.
  • In consideration of the above no refund can be expected in the event of rain.
  • We offer to postpone your trip free of charge.
  • if you cannot travel within the next year, we can fully refund your tour.
A 10% service charge applies to all other cancellation refunds.