Baby Doll Southdown

History of flocks:
Southdown’s almost went extinct when the breed was improved for size, but enough remained to keep the breed from disappearing altogether. Josephine and Renan Cataliotti started breeding them in Akaroa with three ¾ breeds from the North Island and a purebred ram. The three ewes have given them their first Grade B or 7/8 ewes and they will have their first grade A lambs on the ground spring 2024, so just one cross more to purebred.

Shireen was very lucky spotting purebred ewes for sale and managed to purchase 3. These were Tupped to a North Island bred ram out of an import, presumedly ET. We have not been able to track down if Scooter is out of an Australian import or English import.

The resulting mating gave us three sets of twins, 3 girls and 3 boys. The purebreds will be at Pohatu in a separate flock.

Our goal is to breed quality Baby Dolls keeping record of bloodlines to assure we can be part of the resurgence of Baby Doll Southdown without inbreeding. Once we have our small flocks established, we will have stock for sale.
baby doll lamb cuddling together Baby doll ewe looking at her 2 lambs
Baby doll sitting and eating baby doll ewe looking at the camera
Baby doll ewe at pohatu Baby doll ewe and friends at Pohatu