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Why Pohatu Penguins?

The Kororā is a Taonga species to Ngai Tahu and the White-Flippered Penguin a variant unique to Canterbury. They are also sentinels of the sea providing a barometer of the health of our ocean. Whilst our conservation work over the last 30 years has helped to grow colony numbers by protecting them and their habitat, those numbers are now starting to drop because of changes in marine environment. We need to find out what, where and why this is happening so we have set up a charity to work towards this goal.

Why do we need your support?

Our aim is to collect key information on the penguins' behaviour at sea through GPS tracking and diet analysis so we can understand what factors are threatening our long-term goal of a sustainable colony helping to re-populate the Banks Peninsula and benefit our local biodiversity. Along with the significant costs of technical hardware, we need additional specialist scientific resources. Covid has had a major impact on our fund-raising opportunities as our international tourist business, like many others has been hit hard.

What type of donation would you like to make?

Every bit helps

Small or big, any donation you make to protect the penguins is very welcome so from the bottom our heart "Thank you"

Adopt your own penguin neighbourhood.

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Receive your own certificate and more.

Receive updates about the colony and the conservation work


Named exclusive partner

Support us with products and/ or services to carry on our work. E.g. timber for penguin boxes, outdoor clothing for staff, technology products etc.

Major support partner

Become a key enabler partner to help us deliver our conservation projects and objectives such as supporting a scientist for up to 5 years. You will be sharing all of our successes in the recognition that you have helped us enable our mission.