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Do something different,


Do something good,


Make a long-lasting difference.

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Why should you get involved?

Step outside, change your environment and do something different for your team-building exercise, training day, social club event, incentive prize or whatever corporate event or activity you normally do. It will be good fun, make you feel alive, improve everyone's communication and problem-solving skills, and leave you and your team with the feeling of satisfaction that you have made a genuine and long-lasting conservation impact on our local wildlife and environment.

What can you do?

We have a range of all year-round activities with prices starting from only $65 per person and are also very happy to tailor our options to suit your needs around fitness levels, number of participants, accommodation, food, meeting, equipment etc.

Feel free to call us or email us for more details.

Options include

  • Penguin colony tours
  • Sea-kayaking safaris
  • Hiking
  • Building penguin houses and predator traps
  • Planting native trees
  • Overnight farm stay in the penguin colony
  • Wine and food taste tour of Akaroa
  • Experience Akaroa Package
Summaries of our recommended options
1. Help our Kororā/ White-Flippered Penguins
Join us on our conservation journey and help us out with some of the ongoing work. May it be monitoring of penguin nesting sites, building predator traps or houses for penguins and other native wildlife, you will leave knowing that you have made a real difference.
2. Leave some roots

Step back in time and discover what New Zealand used to look like with a short hike through prehistoric native habitat with 400-year-old Beech Trees, immense Tree Ferns, rocky outcrops and taking the time to sit by babbling brooks.

Have your team involved in actively regenerating our newly established “Mable Hope Reserve” by planting their own unique tree, getting their hands in the soil, learning all about our unique ecology and reconnecting with nature.
3. Evening Penguin Tour

Observe penguins in the wild on this evening adventure. A wonderful option for people who wish to take part in our monitoring program and learn more, in depth, about our conservation efforts giving you great insight into the life of a penguin.
4. Sea-kayaking Safari

Explore Pōhatu Marine Reserve and marvel at the volcanic creation of Banks Peninsula with towering cliffs, reefs and deep sea-caves. Gently paddle along the coastline and encounter unique wildlife, from Little Penguins, Hector’s dolphins, Fur seals and marine bird colonies.

With stable double sea-kayaks this is the perfect activity to develop team-building skills.
5. Hike and Sea-kayak Combo.

A full day activity including hiking, sea-kayaking and lunch.
Start with a hike down through an ancient Red Beech Tree Forest Reserve with many waterfalls and New Zealand native birds along the way. Once at the bay, enjoy a nice break while you eat your lunch with a fantastic view. shortly after, we take your team out on the water and get them paddling to discover the outer-coast of Banks Peninsula and Pōhatu Marine Reserve to experience the abundant New Zealand wildlife in the area.
6. 24/48-hour overnight Farm Stay

Enjoy all of what Pōhatu has to offer by spending a night (or two) in a tranquil environment with no distractions from technology. Back to basic, it will be you and your team talking and sharing some real moments.
7. Wine and local produce tour

Open your taste buds to Akaroa's award-winning local produce and discover what makes them so unique. This includes Olive oil, Cheese, Smoked salmon, Pātēs and more.
8. Experience Akaroa Package

Sit back, relax and discover Banks Peninsula from the sea to the land with a harbour cruise. Then, wine and local produce tasting to finish the day sitting by the water, with an aperitif at Ma Maison restaurant.