Rare sheep breed for sale


Rare sheep breeds for sale

Welcome to our rare sheep breeds page, for any enquiry about the sheep or fleece please contact us
on 03 304 8552 or on tours@pohatu.co.nz

Valais Blacknose Sheep

We have stock for sale every year. As we move closer to pure bred we will have a number of F1, F2, F3 and F4 for sale.
We also offer tup services for your ewes to our current Registered purebred Pedigree rams. All our stock are registered transferable.

  • $120 each GST inclusive.

Standing at stud Twynham Bentley.
Bentley offers new blood lines with over half Dutch in his pedigree. He is strong in bone with excellent conformation, constitution, feet, and perfect horns. Apart from one small hock marking he is generously marked.
Sire Harrie (import)VBN2017 out of a Dutch register Grand sire and Grand Dam
Dam Twynham Amber 01/18 ET with Jacobs Otto Grand sire and Alpine Camilla Swiss Grand Dam.
We intend to keep Bentley for a number of years.

  • $150 per ewe GST inclusive for 6 weeks tup.

Pure breed arapawa

There will be a limited number of Ewes and ewe lambs for sale at weaning.
We have a wide range of colours and patterns.

  • $100+GST

We will breed Rams on request.

  • Lamb $100+GST
  • 2th or older $200 +GST.

Coloured Romneys

We have been breeding Coloured Romneys for over 40 years. We will breed rams on request and we have young stock for sale every year at weaning.

Baby doll

We will have crossbreeds for sale over the years till we breed or acquire pure.
Twynham Bentley

Arapawa ram and ewes in the yard at Flea bay
Arapawa ram with his ladies

Colored romney ewe
Colored romney ewe

Baby doll ram above Akaroa
Baby Doll Ram

Wool for sale

  • Valais Blacknose fleece.
  • Arapawa Fleece
  • Black Romney Fleece.
Price ranges from $16 to $25
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