Accommodation rental

Farmstay accommodation rental

Cute rare sheep breeds
Evening penguin tour included
Private walks and hikes to explore

30 minutes drive from Akaroa, on the south-eastern corner of Banks peninsula is Pohatu/Flea bay, the perfect place for your next farmstay. As soon as you arrive you will be welcomed by many breeds of sheep, be amazed by the tranquil surroundings and isolation with relaxing private beaches, bush and many walks to explore.

On your own or with your family and friends there is an accommodation for you.
There are 4 different sleeping units available from the standard "Penguin cottage" to the more quirky "Gypsy wagon" or "Tree house".
Each unit is separated and offer privacy but the facilities such as kitchen and toilet blocks might have to be shared.

Pohatu/Flea bay is a working sheep and cattle farm and was the first one officially established on Banks peninsula in 1843.
The Helps family moved in early 70's to what was at the time a run down farm. What they did not expect was to find that other residents were present: the White-flippered penguins, Canterbury's unique variant of the Little penguin.

What You Need to Bring
  • Food for 24-48 hours depending on the choosen option.
  • Warm clothing for the complementary evening penguin tour.
  • If kayaking, clothes you don’t mind getting wet. Water shoes are not necessary.
  • Hiking boots/shoes or athletic shoes for the bush walk.
Rental Includes
  • Evening Penguin Tour (if in season). Penguin presence.
  • Discounted sea-kayaking safari. You pay $55/90 vs. $110!
  • Opportunity to walk along the gentle river and waterfalls of the Tutakakahikura Scenic Reserve. Fully forested and downhill walk part of the well-known Banks Track. 3-hour & 1.5-hour options available.
  • Time to explore some of our well maintained private walking and hiking trails.
  • Fully equipped communal kitchen, linen, toilet, shower, etc.
  • Gaze up at the night sky to see the brilliant Milkyway.
  • Wake up to the sound of birdsong, sheep and the sea.
24 or 48 hour overnight stay
Stay Length
24 or 48 hours
Check in/out time
2.30pm to no later than 4.30pm
4WD recommended road
Free access to private walking and hiking trails
Adult starting from (minimum 2)


Child 5 - 15 years old*


Second night Add-on per accommodation unit


Sea-kayaking add-on per person

$55 to $90

Good to Know
  • There is no cellphone nor internet reception once at the bay so you will be off grid during your stay.
  • There are no shops in Pohatu but Akaroa has a 4Square.
  • Safe drinking water is available at the accommodation.
  • There is a covered BBQ area.
  • We have a games box and colouring equipment for kids and adults.
  • Pohatu is a 30 minute drive from Akaroa. No driving is allowed in the bay in the hours of darkness due to sensitive penguin habitat.
  • The access road to the bay is 4WD only recommended. It is via a steep narrow gravel road which looks like a one way lane but is 2 ways, close to cliff edges with some blind corners, passing is limited at times so be prepared to back up safely for on-coming traffic.
  • Family members live at Pohatu so for any emergency situations, there is someone to call upon. 
  • For the safety of the wildlife there is a strict wildlife code that the guide would let you know of to respect when exploring the bay.
  • We have a specific check in time to be at accommodation and to join the complementary evening penguin tour. Check with us if planning to book as sunset time changes over the season.
  • No pets allowed.
  • No smoking.
Pohatu Penguins - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA