Valais Blacknose

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From the Swiss Alps to Pōhatu bay, New Zealand
This is our dream.

At Pōhatu we have a breeding up flock of these adorable sheep considered the cutest in the world, and as we get closer to purebred that dream is becoming a reality.

Apart from Little Penguins we have another passion and that is for Sheep and the wonderful eco-fibre they produce.
In the last few years rare sheep breeds were added to the Pōhatu scene and when the beautiful and amazingly friendly Valais Blacknose sheep came into the country we simply had to add them. We purchased our first Valais Blacknose ram, Stratheden Bobby, a registered purebred ram lamb with an amazing pedigree. Bobby gave us our first F1’s in a breeding up program using English Leicester, Romney and some specially selected Perendale base ewes.

Rams to follow Bobby have been the beautiful Remarkable Ruben, who gave us our first F2's, and Spectacular Stratheden Charlie, a big stretchy ram with a heap of presence we crossed over rare Long Wool Lincoln base ewes to produce our last quality F1’s from another very special breed.

Each year brings us closer to the coveted F5 purebred, and as we go we endeavour to purchase quality registered rams to assure when we do get to purebred we have a flock of gorgeous friendly sheep to be proud of.

Tup fees and sheep sales
We can take a limited number of outside ewes for tup every year: $150 per ewe for 6 week tup.

Twynham Bentley is our stud for 2023 tup. Bentley offers new bloodlines with some Dutch breeding in his pedigree. He is not likely to be related to your ewes. We are delighted to have Bentley as our main breeding Valais blacknose ram this season and again will accept some outside ewes to run with him for 6 weeks this tup.

Enquiries can be made by email or phone Shireen on 03 304 8552.

Valais Blacknose ram at Pohatu
Twynham Bentley

Rumarkable Ruben Valais Blacknose ram at Pohatu
Remarkable Ruben
 1018860 (2)-817
Stratheden Charlie