Planning your next romantic getaway or are you looking for a special place to propose?


Pōhatu is THE Romantic escape with
beach, forest, farmland and unspoiled skies, remote and off-grid,
the perfect place for you and your beloved to make memories.


We’ve got all it covered on our 24 – 48 hours Pōhatu package:

You’re off grid, surrounded by nature and have all the comfort provided in the way of accommodation, and a fully equipped kitchen.


You’re surrounded with stunning scenery, Native bush and a spectacular sea view.
Gently wake up at a chorus of native birdsongs.

Quirky accommodation

You’ll have access to quirky and romantic accommodation such as our gypsy cabin.


There are hiking opportunities midst native forest and waterfalls and if the weather co-operates you can kayak the sparkling turquoise bay of Pōhatu marine reserve to encounter its curious wildlife.

Loads of cuteness

At time of the year you’re surrounded with adorable lambs, and will encounter cute tenacious penguins. Many rare breeds of sheep such as the Valais Blacknose roam around your accommodation.


Watch the sun set while sitting on the beach with a glass of wine.


Step outside your accommodation after your evening penguin tour and enjoy an unspoiled and glittering night sky and see the milky way arching majestically above.

Safe swimming beach

You can swim a gorgeous expanse of beach, braced with dark banded sand.

Special request

On special request we can organise wine and cheese from local producers or work with you to make your romantic escape very special.


24 hour of activities including accommodation: scenic drive, short walks, optional bush walk, evening penguin tour, time to relax and sea-kayaking.

Akaroa accommodation

Sea-kayaking at Pohatu marine reserve

Valais blacknose lamb

Glass of wine by the beach