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Rehabilitated penguins

Rehabilitation is one of the main art of the self funded conservation work that we do.
All penguins deserved a second chance, injured sick or still too young to take off on their own, here are some of the most memorable stories and charismatic penguins we had in care.
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5 places to see places in New Zealand

Penguins are so cute that we all want to see them and so here is a selection of places around New Zealand where we would advice you to go.

Akaroa Lighthouse

40 years ago an amazing journey took place when the Historic lighthouse was moved from the entrance of the harbor where it stood for more than a 100 years, to its actual place in Akaroa making it an iconic feature of the french village.
3 big trucks carried the dismantled lighthouse, each piece were 5, 7 and 12 tonnes. Driving over the rim of Akaroa extinct volcano wasn't an easy task but they manage. and so thank you to all participants of this amazing adventure as without them we would have lost a nice building to the sea.
Find out all of the most important dates of its history on the link.


2017 and 2018 breeding season at Pohatu bay.

The season has been hard with many penguins in care and more threats out there than usual.
Many rehabilitated penguins and many sent back to sea.

Fat Foot Up Close-126-93-534

Goodbye Fat Foot!

The incredible story of one special penguin that we cared for for many months and have finally send back at sea.
Fat Foot will always have a special in our heart.
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