Rehabilitation is a major part of our conservation work. All penguins deserve a second chance! Injured, sick or still too young to take off on their own, we give them a helping hand so that they may be successful in the wild. Read about some of our most memorable and charismatic penguins we have had in care!

Penguin chick in care


5 places to see penguins in New Zealand

Penguins are so cute that we all want to see them and so if you're wondering where to see penguins in New Zealand here is a selection of places where we would advice you to go.



White flippered penguins, where can they be found?

Discover the White flippered penguins and how
they are a very unique variant of Little penguins
only found in Canterbury, New Zealand.

White flippered and Blue penguins

2018/2019: A strange season.

It all started with the wettest November that the area have had on record for the last 100 years.

Young fluffy chicks going on walk about a late moulting season, it all happens a bit differently than most years.

Penguin moulting


The Akaroa Lighthouse

The Akaroa Lighthouse is an iconic feature of this french village. Currently, it is safely nestled in the Akaroa Harbor just south of the main wharf. 40 years ago it was moved from the entrance of the harbor where it stood for over 100 years guiding whalers, sailors and shipping crews safely inland. Learn more about its incredible history and how the 24 ton building was moved over the crater’s rim and into town!

Akaroa lighthouse


Old boy is back

Here is a very nice poem by Shireen Helps about a very old but clever penguin who, realising that times at sea are hard, find a soft spot in a very experienced penguin carer.
Little penguin named Old boy

2017 and 2018 breeding season at Pohatu bay.

This year was a tough one for our Little Penguins. With the combination of warmer ocean temperatures via La Nina and increased predation from the Southern Giant Petrel we had many injured and orphaned penguins. However, we were able to successfully release over 30 of those penguins back into the wild!

Typical White flippered penguin


Goodbye Fat Foot!

The incredible story of one special penguin that we have finally released back to sea!

We’ll miss you Fat Foot!

Fat foot - a Little penguin from Akaroa


New home for penguins!

Thanks to a collaboration with a local with now have 50 new nesting homes. More homes means less competition which mean a higher successful breeding rate.

Penguin looking out

Top 3 activities to do in winter

The cold season is upon us and sometimes it seems that our options are limited to inside activities but wildlife is always around waiting for your visit.

5 fingers tree leaves-748
Homer a travelling penguin

What a fantastic journey for such a little penguin.
A good proof of their determination and sense of orientation and belongings.

Homer a travelling penguin
Dolphins are amazing and we need them?

New Zealand is very lucky once more as we host some very sensitive and unique species. Dolphins are very charismatic and no wonder why as they are as clever, playful and easy to relate to.

Here are all species found withing New Zealand waters, their characteristic and how to help them out.

New Zealand dolphin

Pop up penguin trail

We are very excited to announce that we are part of the Pop up penguin trail set in place by Wild in Arts.

Find out more about the trail here. 

We look forward to see you in Akaroa.

Pop up penguin akaroa

Horomaka Korora 2020

Find all information about this fantastic new journey that we are very proud to be leading:
Banks Peninsula Penguin survey 2020

Penguin survey

New Zealand fur seals, what, where and more

New Zealand Fur Seals are a delight to see swimming, gently rolling in the sea-weed but did you know that they almost went extinct, or that the male can weight over 200kg?
Find it all out here.

New Zealand Fur Seals - Pohatu penguins

Find all about supporting Pohatu penguins

Looking for a meaningful gift that can help a good cause?

Why not adopting a penguin?

If you have any question we've got it all explained here, the processes, the benefits and more.

received 142127626831510-137
Queen's honour 2021

Shireen and Francis Helps newly awarded a Royal New Zealand Honour and joining the
"Members of the New Zealand Order of Merit"

Shireen and Francis Helps - penguin conservationists
Our newsletters

You will find in here, all of our latest newsletters.
Enjoy catching up with the eventful life of Pohatu.

Children's University Day

A very enriching day for us and tamariki on the 1st of July.
Joey tells us about her experience with the students of Children's University.

The family on 7sharp

So fortunate to have 7sharp coming to Pohatu to share the family story.

Check out the video.
7sharp - 1news penguin in the water.
5 places to see wildlife in the south island.

New Zealand is such a unique country with so many specific species that it is hard to know where to go and where to start.

Here is then our short list of 5 places that you should not miss if you love wildlife.

Oyster catcher at Pohatu by iNic
Horomaka Korora.

Horomaka Korora is live and can be watched here!

This fantastic 30 minutes' long documentary share what it takes to protect endemic species of Little penguins  and retrace the steps of Horomaka Korora: Banks peninsula wide survey on Little penguins.

Thank you very much to the Blue Cradle Foundation and Kororatahi Creative for their amazing work.

Korora movie
The Pohatu flood.

A poem by Averil Parthonnaud who spend the night at Pohatu during a flash flood mid-December 2021.

It relates the extraordinaire force of Mother Nature and illustrate how "Team work makes the dream work".

You can also watch a video retracing the event and after event here.

Pohatu bay under the flood mid December 2021
Sea-kayak lead guide interview.

Ever wondered what is feels like to be a sea-kayaking guide at Pohatu?

Well, we've interviewed Ben, our lead and main guide since 2012, for you. 
Here is what he tells us about his everyday life and some unforgettable experiences.

Kayaking guide at Pohatu marine reserve
Poems and stories.

Looking for a bit of reading?

Here is a selection of short stories and comic strips about Pohatu's life, all based on trued stories.

Happy reading!

Pohatu short story front page-255
Erect crested penguins.

This has to be the year of the Crested penguin!

Spoiler alert we're talking about 3 penguins but how unusual for us this is was and
what characters each birds were.

Erect crested penguin at pohatu standing on a rock