Volunteering at Pohatu

Conservation action days.

Every now and then we need a bit of help around our forest reserves and Penguin colony.


Volunteers Planting Natives in Mable hope reserve in Pohatu.

We organize conservation action days when the need fits.

Here's is a list of jobs we do in Pohatu that we always love a bit of help with.

  • Weed control in the reserves - cutting out Gorse or chopping out Thistles around the penguin nesting areas (to avoid using chemical sprays.)
  • Track building and maintenance in the reserves and around the penguin colony and traplines around Pohatu.
  • Nest Box building, Korora (littlePenguin), Ruru ( Owl ) and rifleman
  • Planting native trees, watering the young hard to reach trees.
  • Fencing reserves
  • Biodiversity Surveys and monitoring.
  • Farm clean ups due to natural disasters e.g. Flooding events. Digging out slip sites, rebuilding, Rubbish clean up.

volunteering22 Ave placing a nesting box and team of awesome volunteers helping with the penguin survey

So, if you're interested in Giving us a hand in the conservation of Pohatu, you can check this webpage and sign up to our newsletter and see when our action days will be.

volunterring-image6 1 Volunteers diving into action on the 2020 Korora survey.

volunteering33 Planting Natives!