What we do

Sharing our findings to make the next generation kaitiaki of this world.

Pōhatu Penguins eco-tours started in 2001 to answer a need to allow the public to view penguins in the wild with the least disturbance. Pōhatu Penguins’ tours rely on natural viewing, without artificial lighting, on keeping quiet and staying at a distance using binoculars, wearing camouflage clothing and keeping it in small guided groups.

Over the years it has become more than just viewing penguins. By providing information backed up by scientific studies the eco-tours have become an educational tool as well as a way to pay for the conservation work done in Pōhatu.

In 2020 a trust has been formed called the “Helps Pōhatu Conservation Trust”. Profits from the eco-tours and donations from our Adopt a penguin program have enabled us to welcome schools and groups wanting to learn about wildlife, marine reserves, forest restoration and penguin conservation.