What we do

Because we can always do more and the team is very enthusiastic about any projects

  • Increasing our traplines - working with Predator Free Banks Peninsula.
  • Upgrading our rehabilitation care centre for penguins.
  • In the near future, to be able to employ a research scientist via the Helps Pohatu Conservation Trust to study our birds at sea and continue our breeding biology study once part of the colony is micro-chipped. If we can find out where exactly our Little penguins are foraging at sea, understand their marine habitat which has never been studied before in Banks Peninsula waters, could help with the lobbying of more marine protection.
  • Involvement within our community, continued work with community groups and trusts.
  • Keep our strong relationships with our local schools by welcoming them free of charge to work on educational projects about the natural world and the conservation work that can be done to preserve it for future generations.
  • Continue developing school holiday conservation workshops for local children.
  • Closer partnerships with New Zealand Penguin Initiative (NZPI), Blue Cradle foundation and our local Iwi Koukourarata on tracking at sea and micro-chipping Little penguins.
  • Supporting Hoiho/Yellow-eyed penguin research by funding and volunteering for Mel Young and Rachel Hickcox - marine science students at Otago University.
  • Involvement with Whale and Dolphin Trust kayaking for sea-week 2018/2019/2020 and organising public talks in 2020/2021.
  • Become the first 100% plastic bag free shop/booking office in Akaroa since the launch of the operation by locals.
  • Regeneration of bush in covenants (planting of more native trees)
  • Trialling regenerative farming principle
  • Weta box Building
  • Rifleman box building
Under a license from the Department of Conservation we can intervene when necessary and care for weak and injured birds.
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Ever wondered if Little penguins were all the same or not? 
Check out this video to discover the difference between Blue and White flippered penguins.
An introductory video about the importance that marine birds play in our marine environment, and the importance of research allowing us to understand their behaviours and marine habitat use to better protect them.

Sea-week 2024.
Loads of fun with children's activities, costume parade and more.
Hope to sea you next year!

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Akaroa Marine Reserve and the 25th anniversary of the Pōhatu Marine Reserve, key stakeholders gathered on the 10th of March during Sea-week 2024 to commemorate these achievements for New Zealand marine wildlife.

Hear from Dr Rachel Hickcox about the importance of monitoring a penguin colony.