New homes for penguins

We are very grateful to have had a local retiree volunteering his time to make new penguin nesting boxes.

Over winter Lennox built 30 new penguin nesting houses. 
We organized the payment of the materials by kind donations and penguin adoptions from previous clients and Lennox did the rest. 2, 3, 4 at a time a we suddenly had 30 new homes for the new penguin couples.

Every year we do need to replace some old ones and need to add some more. Competition between breeding pairs can be very fierce and can unfortunately create breeding failure with broken eggs or worse. So the idea is to provide as many nesting sites as possible as the more we can provide the less fighting we will have between penguins and the higher the breeding success will be.

Penguins normally dig a burrow which could take up a lot of their time, so they prefer to steal someone else's hard work. Kick out a family of rabbits, steal off another penguin, or move underneath buildings around the coast.
We counted 24 breeding pairs underneath the wool shed and 9 breeding pairs in the unused garage, if left upside down the hatches of our kayaks is another great spot, marking their territory with lovely white splat marks on the seats (all our kayaks are now elevated off the ground everyday) and even a gumboot on the front veranda would do the job. We did find one with nesting materials and a silly penguin squeezed inside with just his butt hanging out.

We recently also had local schools helping us out with new homes and new predator traps.
We are very thankful to all and for the community support.
And all but 5 of the new nesting boxes have penguins couples already moved in.
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