Sea-kayaking Safari - old

Wildlife Sea-kayaking Safari

Scenic 4WD mini-van drive from Akaroa
Photo opportunities
Fully experienced guides
All kayak gear provided

Explore the outer coast of Banks peninsula and Pohatu marine reserve by kayak, marvel at its spectacular towering cliffs, rock stacks, reefs, and deep sea caves and encounter its unique wildlife.

Flea Bay Island and the impressive island arch make an added exciting attraction in settled sea conditions. Observe the diverse wildlife and marine species such as penguins, seals (and their pups), various sea birds and possibly the world’s smallest and New Zealand endemic dolphin!

Best of all, no kayaking experience necessary! Trips are only run in settled, safe conditions by experienced and knowledgeable guides. Your safety is top mind.

Tour includes:
  • Scenic drive by 4WD mini vans from Akaroa
  • Photos stops along the way with commentary about the area
  • Fully guided kayak trip by qualified and experienced staff
  • All kayaking gear (life jackets, dry jackets, spray deck, dry bags for cameras...)
  • 100% guarantee to see New Zealand Fur seals
Our qualifications:
  • We are the only Department of Conservation approved sea-kayaking operator in the area.
  • We are a SMART accredited operator and our guides share with you how to safely, for us but mostly for the wildlife, encounter and behave around Banks peninsula marine mammals.
  • We run a safe kayaking operation audited by SkillsActive.
  • Our guides have various sea-kayaking qualifications and extensive experience and knowledge about the area and the wildlife.

What to bring
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses, hat or both.
  • Water
  • Change of clothes (Although we provide waterproof spray jackets, you may still get damp!
  • Comfortable, weather-suitable clothing that you don’t mind getting wet.
Option 1: Early bird kayaking
Departure time
Tour Length
3.5 hours total. 1 – 1.5 hours kayaking on the water depending upon conditions and wildlife.
Scenic transport Included


Child 5 - 15 years old*


Option 2: 4WD Scenic Sea-kayaking safari
Departure time
Tour Length
4 hours total. 1 – 1.5 hours kayaking on the water depending upon conditions and wildlife.
Scenic transport Included
Photo stops and commentary included


Child 5 - 15 years old*


Group or family concession; 4 or more:
$105 per adult 
Option 3: Kayaking Combos

Looking for a more active day in Akaroa? Check out our Combo page.

Our most popular combos are:


Pohatu Penguins - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA
If you have young children:

We prefer that children are at least 8 years of age. All customers are placed in safe, double kayaks and each child will be paired with an adult. Please bear in mind that your guide has the final say as to whether or not it is safe for you and your child to kayak. This can vary depending on sea conditions, personal fitness and kayaking abilities. Toddlers and or infants are not allowed no matter sea conditions or personal ability.


Following our conversation, if you do decide to book, please bear in mind that the guides on the day will be sole judges if this activity is suitable for your children, depending on weather and sea conditions. If the guides deem this unsuitable a 50% refund will be offered or the option of joining our Full Scenic Nature Safari.

Risk disclosure:

Sea kayaking at Pohatu/Flea bay has risks and can be dangerous. The outercoast of Akaroa harbor is characterised by: remoteness, rapidly changing and sometimes extreme weather and water conditions, cold water and limited kayak landing sites.

Detailed risk management and strict safety procedures are observed, however, there still remains an element of risk. Pohatu penguins/plunge NZ Ltd cannot absolutely guarantee participants’ safety. Pohatu penguins/plunge NZ Ltd accepts its legal responsibilities but cannot be held responsible for personal injury or for loss, theft or damage of/to your equipment outside legal responsibilities.

Clients must listen carefully to and follow guides’ instructions and adhere to safety requirements. In regards of our cancellation policy see the following link: Cancellation policy