Old Boy is Back - By Shireen Helps


Open the door and in he hops

Pattering across the kitchen floor

Demanding breakfast before husband and me

Cats looking on with a quizzical look

Old Boy is back!


Is the word getting out?

A soft touch in there.

Why suffer old age from starvation and death

Why die at sea

With easy fish in a dish on offer


Two this year been in before

Deliberately came back for an easy moult

Old boy is new but with stiff flipper

Knows life at sea is over

Rest home for penguins thinks he.


A pandemic on, fish not on tap

Fish running out and better penguins to feed

Who will survive to possibly breed?

But Old Boy knows I am a soft touch

And just keeps coming for an easy feed.


Too intelligent, too knowing

No bird brain is he

On one hand a problem

The other a delight

Old Boy keeps coming home

For another easy feed